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BMFA General Contest rules

With effect from 1st January 2022, BMFA General Rules will change to require competition models to display of either the owner’s BMFA number or their FAI registration number in UK competitions.

The reason is to prove ownership of the model. All entrants in any event must be the owner of the model and must display the owner’s number. 

All models other than Scale or Indoor Free Flight must be clearly marked with the owner’s membership number on the upper surface of the wing in letters at least 19 mm high.

(Note - The FAI requirement is that the alpha/numeric characters are at least 25 mm high)

FAI Contest requirement

1. Class F Model Aircraft generally:

a) Model aircraft, except for Indoor Free Flight and Scale, shall carry:

  1. The national identification mark followed the FAI Unique ID number. The letters and numbers must be at least 25 mm high and appear at least once on each model (on the upper surface of a wing for Free Flight models). Great Britain is GBR
  2. A model identification code (letters and/or numbers). This code has to be different for each nominated model aircraft of the competitor. The model identification code is to appear on each main part of the model (wing(s), tail,  front and rear fuselage if detachable) so that the individual parts of a competitor's different models may be separately identified. The letters and/or numbers must be at least 10 mm high and clearly visible. The identification code of the nominated models shall be recorded on the scorecard. For World or Continental Championships this must be recorded on the Model Aircraft Specification Certificate.

b) A model aircraft must not carry a national identification mark, an FAI licence number, an FAI sticker, or any other reference which relates to any person other than the competitor. At the processing of the model aircraft, the organiser must mark each FAI sticker (if required).

2. Competitor Licence

FAI Event organisers are required to check competitor registration against the FAI Database. The above requirement applies to all events that need an FAI licence.


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